About the Division:The Division of Scientific Affairs and Graduate Studies is one of the main pillars of the faculty. It represents the important link between the data and outputs of graduate studies in the college and the presidency of the university and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.The Division of Scientific Affairs and Graduate Studies is involved in solving the obstacles facing the graduate students from admission to certification through close and fruitful cooperation with the Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs and the heads of departments where they form a solid integrated circle.. 

Vision, Mission and Goals:Vision :The Division of Scientific Affairs and Graduate Studies is working in the field of administrative specialization, which is the completion of all the items related to postgraduate studies, where it represents the link between the college and between the university to promote the level of graduate studies to serve the college and raise the level of scientificthe message :Cover the departments of the college with all official books that include instructions and laws for graduate studies and books directed by the university.


Objectives :- Division aims to complete all transactions of graduate students within Iraq Higher Diploma – Master – Ph.D.- Follow all means to provide graduate requirements and resolve all obstacles that may face the student during the studyTasks and Duties of the Department:• Answer the incoming mail from the university.• Dissemination of university books pertaining to the joints of graduate studies to the departments with all the speed•• Printing and sending books to the university regarding:A – Acceptance and initiation of graduate students.

Cancellation of acceptance and withdrawal and replacement alternative for graduate studiesExtend the duration of study of graduate students(D) Promote enrollment and reinstatement of enrolled studentsPostponing the study of graduate students according to the relevant regulations and instructions.Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs:The Division is currently headed by Assistant Professor Dr. Hazem Baqir Taher

Department Staff: 1 – Raed Saeed Khudair 2 – Alaa Jabr 3- Azhar Riad

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