The tasks of the Department of Student Affairs are embodied in all matters related to technical or administrative student issues from the date of acceptance of the student to the college until his graduation follow-up and coordination between the college and the university in the light of the general objectives and requirements of community development and follow-up and implementation of decisions issued by the higher authorities, and coordinate the admission of students is the link between the student and the university It is concerned with the application of the foundations and instructions issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in addition to its keenness on guidance and supervision in all matters relating to student issues that are accomplished through the Division of Student Affairs.

Tasks performed by the Division:  The achievements of the Department of Student Affairs at the Faculty of Education for Pure Sciences in all related to student issues as follows:Apply the conditions of admission, transfer, registration of students in the college, follow-up their implementation and prepare statistics on the admissions annually.Follow-up the application of laws, decisions, regulations and instructions for students’ affairs and their attendance and registration according to the plans.Registration of students admitted through the center of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Department of Studies and Planning and follow-up / Central Admission Department at the beginning of each academic year after the collection of the required data and the collection of fundamentalist documents and according to the directives of the Ministry of University and the Department of Student Affairs

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