Vision The Faculty of Education for Pure Sciences seeks to reach the appropriate place in the development of the elements of the educational system and the development of the educational process, especially in the preparation of educational cadres for all levels of education and in the field of scientific research in various applied and pure sciences.

the message Contribute to building an educated knowledge society that is able to compete globally through the development of curricula, programs and educational policies and the preparation of a specialist teacher equipped with modern sciences and ways of thinking to be able to succeed in his educational and pedagogical mission and do scientific research on education and education.

For goals Preparation of teaching and teaching staff with high experience and efficiency to provide secondary schools, institutes and universities. Prepare academic cadres in the field of graduate studies in all disciplines and all scientific levels to meet the requirements of the educational process in Iraq. Contribute to the development of curricula through participation in conferences and scientific seminars to meet the requirements of the educational process in the country. Sponsoring and developing the scientific and cultural talents and abilities of the college students and employees. Holding seminars, conferences and specialized scientific seminars and diagnosing weaknesses and problems in the educational process and developing appropriate solutions.

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